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Information For Non-Degree Seeking Students

Are you a college graduate in need of additional undergraduate coursework? Do you attend college out of state but you live in Melbourne and want to take a college course over the summer? Perhaps you're a local senior (65+) who just wants to learn something new? Whatever your situation, you are welcome to apply for admission as a non-degree seeking (also known as non-matriculating) student at Florida Tech.

Options are as follows:

  • Non-Matriculating Student
    • Transient: for current college students enrolled at a university other than Florida Tech.
    • Continuing Education: for college graduates who wish to undertake additional undergraduate coursework.
    • Audit: for seniors 65+ who wish to participate in a college course without earning college credit, free of charge.

Applying As a Non-Degree Seeking Student

Current college students and adult learners who wish to take courses at Florida Tech but do not plan to complete a degree program at the university must complete the application for non-degree seeking students.

To apply:

  1. Create an account
  2. Start an application
  3. Select "Non-Degree  Seeking Students"

In addition to this form:

  • Continuing education students and senior citizens who wish to audit classes must submit proof of high school or college graduation and/or college transcripts.
  • Transient students must submit college transcripts and written approval to transfer courses from Florida Tech to their current college. 

The above must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for review. In addition, upon admission as a non-matriculating student, the student will meet with the director of Academic Support Services to review options and register for desired coursework.

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